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Contacting Your Spirit Guide
by Sylvia Browne
Hay House, Inc.
ISBN 1-40190-120-4
Published January 2003 - Hardcover (with CD) - 96 pages - $17.95

I've been fascinated by Sylvia Browne ever since I first saw her on The Montel Williams Show a couple of years ago.  I find the "psychic thing" extraordinarily intriguing and truly believe there is much to be learned from people with this gift.  Ms. Browne is very matter-of-fact on television but always manages to astound.  I'm working my way through all of her books.  She's always saying that we have a spirit guide, every time I've watched her, so it was fortuitous that I found this little book of hers.  It's a short explanation of our spirit guides (apparently we all have one) and, through soothing and peace-inducing exercises, you can perhaps contact your spirit guide.  Sylvia Browne often mentions her guide, Francine, but in this book she says she's only "seen" her once but knows she's always around and that she hears her speak to her.  Now, this does sound a little "out there", and you're entitled to believe and think what you like, just don't knock what you cannot prove to be otherwise.  Those feelings we get about doing things (or not), or when we're about to go somewhere and we suddenly change our minds, is what Sylvia says is our spirit guides doing their jobs.  They help us all the time, from the time we get here.  I'll question the obvious - Why, if we have spirit guides and angels, do babies and little children endure horrific abuses?  I know you said that we "choose and map out our lives out before we get to earth, but I can't believe anyone would choose to be tortured as a helpless baby.  I cannot fathom the logic behind this.  Visit Sylvia's website for more information.  She also has her own church, the Society of Novus Spiritus, a Christian society for spiritual awareness.  A CD comes with the book which is the audio of the exercises in the book.
Conclusion - Succinct and informative.

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