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If You Could See What I See - The Tenets of Novus Spiritus
by Sylvia Browne
Hay House
ISBN 1-4019-0648-6
Published January 2006 - Hardcover - 237 pages - $24.95

I always sit up and listen to what Sylvia Browne has to say.  I believe she has been sent to tell us about the afterlife (and about this life on earth) and the goodness of God, whatever your God's name.  Some people outrightly dismiss her and her beliefs and observations, yet they willingly believe in their own religion - we don't know for absolutely sure so we have to keep an open mind about God, religion, the afterlife, etc.  We cannot dismiss Ms. Browne's take on life - she's everywhere, and for a reason, I think.  Not everyone is fortunate enough to get personal time with her but there are so many wishing they could have their lives enlightened somewhat.  She is one way our fears and beliefs can be answered here on earth.  So, why dismiss her and what she has to say just because it doesn't fit in with your own opinions?  Big mistake.  This book of hers, one among her many credible and interesting titles, is about the church she founded, Novus Spiritus.  I mean, how many credible people actually start their own churches?  Ever her self-effacing self, she writes, "Who am I to start a church?"  Read this book for more answers than you can imagine.  Browne, a psychic, trace medium, clairvoyant, and a clairaudient (she can actually hear her spirit guide), describes herself as Gnostic, and explains, "A Gnostic is one who searches for truth constantly with the grace of an all-loving and all-knowing God, and uses spirituality and love as their weapons against negativity."  This book is about the 21 tenets of her church, which came to her from her spirit guide.  I wish we all could communicate so openly with our spirit guides.  Don't be narrow-minded - much diversity exists in this life - be open to newness.  Ms. Browne has many other bestselling and very interesting books.  I loved "Secrets & Mysteries of the World".  Personally, it's starting to make much more sense that we chart our own destiny before we're born.  I don't have an easy time myself, and have battled away at life, always with something spurring me to continue.  It's not been easy (still isn't) but it's making more sense the older I get.  This is the answer I have been waiting for.  We all have questions for God and Sylvia's saying we choose our own paths in this life because we are on a path of learning, truly opened my eyes - I've read her other books but it really hit me in this one, especially Tenet VIII.  I feel so much lighter, feel the hope for my future that I was sorely lacking, and feel confident I'm going to succeed with a project I am working on to help both me as well as children at risk.  What a relief!  I highly recommend reading this book - it was as though my light bulb was switched on.  Thank you.
Encouraging words I found were, "So stand tall, muster up some courage and dignity [my saving grace], and face this difficult world with your chin high.  Know that you are going to get through it".  This book is autobiographical as well.  Sylvia's website is at
Conclusion - A must-read for anyone floundering spiritually - this will give you direction, if not something to think about.

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