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It's Not Really About the Hair by Tabatha Coffey Books in Review
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It's Not Really About the Hair - The Honest Truth About Life, Love, and the Business of Beauty
by Tabatha Coffey with Richard Buskin
ISBN 978-0-06-202310-0
Published January 2011 - Hardcover - 212 pages - $21.99

Tabatha Coffey is new to me (I don't have cable) and I like her.  A lot.  I first saw her on The Talk a couple of times but I didn't know who she was until I house-and-dog-and-cat-and-goldfish-sat for a friend who had cable.  I discovered Tabatha is a fab hairdresser, one sure-of-herself woman, and someone who speaks her mind.  I watched as many episodes of her Tabatha's Salon Takeover as I could, and then I found this book of hers and started to understand how this formidable woman works.  I loved what I read.  We think along the same lines, we were both brought up with a sense of decency, both are brave and tenacious, and creative and honest.  I don't know so much about being intelligent but I'm no dummy.  Oh, and I also had drag queens in my life.  Now, Ms. Coffey's childhood was vastly different from the average little girl growing up in Oz (Australia).  Her book tells it like it was (and is), and you'd expect nothing less from this sassy lass.  She's strong and learned at an early age to be herself no matter what, which has stood her in good stead later in life.  She learned a lot from her father, who was a drunk, and his tumultuous relationship with his wife and daughter.  I was reminded of the saying, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."  And strong is a word I'd use to describe Ms. Tabatha.   On that note, I urge all women considering breast augmentation to read her chapter "The Boob Job from Hell".  Tabatha offers stories of her travels and hair adventures as well as sound business advice.  If you read and absorb her strategies, you'll be well equipped to follow your gut and try what you've always dreamed about.  As I said, she's a gutsy lady.  I'm not as forthright as Tabatha, but I'm working on it.  One last thing; she's claimed the word "bitch" as her own.
Conclusion - In a nutshell, this lady sure has balls.  Her book is a great read you'll not want to put down.

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