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Celebrity Tantrums - The Official Dirt
by Lisa Brandt
ECW Press
ISBN 1-55022-566-9
Published May 2003 - Paperback - 192 pages

This is a collection (or recollection) of the goings-on of people in the spotlight.  They somehow believe their celebrity status renders them immune to punishment for the things they do, and gives them the authority to do what they want, often at the expense of others.  You've more-than-likely heard about most of these tantrums as they hit the headlines, and it's a good summary of just some of the antics people get up to, especially their over-indulgence in sex, drugs, alcohol, and the willy nilly use of guns.  It boils down to too much money and too little self-control, to a certain extent.  People included vary from the likes of Bill Clinton, Elvis Presley, Joan Crawford, Bobby Brown, and Winona Ryder, to the relatively innocuous-by-comparison antics of Matt Damon and Phil Collins.  This book will probably have sequel after sequel as the celebs just don't seem to get it and continue on their destructive way.  It's an interesting book to have just to refer back to on the days you feel your life is falling apart.
Conclusion - Interesting and absorbing. BookBrowser

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