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Burnt Toast - And Other Philosophies of Life
by Teri Hatcher
ISBN 1-4013-0262-9
Published May 2006 - Hardcover - 207 pages - $24.95

Isn't it strange how similar we all are?  Maybe more so with women than men.  How many pieces of burnt toast have you eaten?  Reading Teri Hatcher's well written and funny book brought home many personal issues I've been trying to deal with.  When I read "The lesson that taught me was that even if I was doing my best, the best that could be expected for my age and experience, it still wasn't good enough.  I would lose.  I would always lose.  So I prepared myself for people not liking my work.  This attitude is self-protective - even if the worst happens, at least I saw it coming", I felt the familiar prickly feeling of tears welling up and my teeth grinding.  I got what she meant and didn't like being reminded.  I, too, think of myself as a survivor.  Although we're complete opposites, we're very similar, and perhaps, there was a subconscious connection with Ms. Hatcher.  Even though I'm not a faithful "Desperate Housewives" watcher, I feel drawn to her and never knew why.  You'll get a good feeling when reading this book, not only because you realize you're not alone in this world, but because someone has actually spelled it out for you.  You now know what to look for and what you can work on to improve your own situation.  By all accounts Teri Hatcher is a good mother - probably one's toughest job and the most difficult to perfect, if ever.  I enjoyed reading how she sensibly juggles her "lives" to now make all aspects of her life and job work better for her.  If we don't try, we'll never know.  Considering ourselves is important, and feeling good about ourselves gives cause for others to feel good about us.  What Ms. Hatcher candidly says is so helpful and I urge anyone with self-esteem issues to read this book.  Along the way you'll have a good laugh, get to know Teri, and importantly, get a heads-up on how to live a better quality life.  There's no reason for us not to be the best we can, for ourselves, instead of for everyone else.  You'll get to know Teri and all about her movie star life and career.  I also want to swim with the whale, "Arthur" is also one of my favorite movies, and, I don't like burnt toast.  I loved the perfectly fitting shoes on the cover - just gorgeous and flattering beyond words.  Visit Teri's website for more info.
Conclusion - Fabulously encouraging and reaffirming that life does go on and that you can do it.  Thank you.

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