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Mommywood by Tori Spelling Books in Review
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by Tori Spelling
Simon Spotlight Entertainment
ISBN 978-1-4165-9910-4
Published April 2009 - Hardcover - 243 pages - $25.00

You've got to admire Tori Spelling.  Having lived her whole life in the limelight (daughter of ultra wealthy Aaron Spelling) in Hollywood, she's emerged a whole and very humorous adult.  I've not seen her reality TV show (I don't have cable), but from reading her book I would imagine it's a hoot and spot on.  Unless you've moved to another galaxy in the last couple of decades, you probably know of the ongoing mother/daughter conflict between Tori and her mother Candy Spelling.  If not, Tori will bring you up to speed on that in her book, along with stories of her pregnancies, weight gains and losses, life in Hollywood, their TV show, baby stories, and much more, all tongue-in-cheek humor or some things just downright funny.  Deep down Tori is a normal human being, and part of her job as author, is to convince us of this.  And she does.  Wanting a loving husband, healthy children, the best for her family, is what we all want.  However, their world is miles away from the norm, which is why we all find it so fascinating.  She tried living in the 'burbs to be more "normal," and recounts many hilarious incidents.  She also writes about children's birthday parties, shopping for and with kids in tow, kids at restaurants, their devoted friends, the paparazzi, nannies, and so on.
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Conclusion - A lot of fun and the only way to get to know about the real Tori Spelling.  Well done.

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