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The Man Translator - Your Essential Guide to Manland
by Alison Grambs
Citadel Press
ISBN 0-8065-2859-1
Published January 2008 - Paperback - 157 pages - $9.95

I do believe that men are a species unto themselves.  If you "listen" to them carefully, you'll really "hear" what they say.  This is by no means an easy task, for they sometimes speak in indecipherable tongues.  They're not known for being able to commit to much, least of all speech, so it was with delight that I came across this book at my library.  Finally, someone has put pen to paper in an attempt to find out what exactly men are saying when they open their mouths.  Of course it had to be a woman.  Author Alison Grambs has put together a "guidebook" to Manland, where she "translates" why "we have lost our minds trying to understand the male heart, the male psyche, male body language, and male dating customs," and "everything you need to know about this disturbing, and slightly dimwitted, creature is right here in this book."  Things are different in Manland, so before you venture there, read up on things that may help you survive your sojourn.  Ms. Grambs covers your Packing Checklist which makes things a little less daunting.  I enjoyed the driving and car bits, their feeding habits, their language (especially the Internet language), and so much more.  This book is spot-on, observant, and a hoot to read.  Whether you're single, engaged, attached or not, coming apart at the seams, or perhaps just a little curious, and you're a female, ya gotta read this.
Conclusion - Very funny and worth a read.

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