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God Has a Dream - A Vision of Hope for Our Time
by Desmond Tutu
ISBN 0-385-47784-8
Published April 2004 - Hardcover - 134 pages - $16.95

Bishop Tutu, as I always refer to him, retired as Archbishop of Cape Town in 1996 but remains an ever-present figure in the world today.  This book is representative of his life's work and he tells of things that happened in South Africa, and elsewhere, that would make any of us doubt that God exists.  He hammers home his point that God loves us and is with us always.  The older I get, the more unsure I become about God.  I've personally witnessed apartheid in action (not the atrocities) in South Africa, watched with horror as the images from Rwanda were flashed on my television screen, seen a German concentration camp in person, heard firsthand an account of a Holocaust survivor, and read many books on Holocaust memories, all of which made me seethe with anger at our "God of Love".  It was too much to cope with (I had no idea how the victims coped!) or to believe so blindly in something we have no actual physical proof of.  Are we just sheep or is there truly something divine out there?  I do believe in God and there's no doubt many other people truly believe God exists, but I too have had my moments, and yet Bishop Tutu easily convinces us of the strong possibility of a God - one who does love us all.  Bishop Tutu tells us that we need to be accepting of each other, learn to love, treat others well, and more.  I say, if only we'd all just open our blind eyes and see that we all share this planet, stop messing it up, share things, and eradicate violence, discrimination, and cruelty.  Bishop Tutu won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, and years later was named Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa by Nelson Mandela.  There's a very helpful list of websites worth checking out if you would like to do some good in the world.
Conclusion - A great read for anyone looking for some direction in their lives.

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