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Uncle John's Top Secret Bathroom Reader (for Kids Only)
Portable Press
ISBN 1-59223-231-0
Published June 2004 - Paperback - 288 pages - $12.95

There are a number of books in the Bathroom Readers' Institute stable and I chose this one, for kids, in a bid to get youngsters to read.  To read anything (within reason of course), for at least they'll be reading and they'll get more than a few laughs out of this one.  There are short jokes, little stories, knock-knock jokes, famous people trivia, and I loved the little "snippets" of information at the bottom of every page.  Also in this very funny book are bits and pieces about well-known people in history that you'll find interesting.  This is a book that a child will feel "delighted" to read from cover to cover, as it can be picked up and opened at any page.  After all, one doesn't spend that much time in the loo.  This will help children (and adults) pass some of the time during those long winter nights.  A lot of factual material is included which adds to the appeal of this book - it's not all fun and games and you can learn things.
Uncle John's Top Secret Bathroon Reader may be purchased and/or ordered through your local bookstore.
Conclusion - Perfect stocking-stuffer this holiday season and the perfect vehicle to get your youngster's face in a book. BookBrowser


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