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Venice - Flying Over "La Serenissima" and the Venetian Countryside
by Alberto Bertolazzi and Marcello Bertinetti
White Star
ISBN 88-544-0221-4
Published January 2007 - Hardcover - 224 pages - $24.95

I went to Venice back in the 80s and fell in love with it.  Although I didn't see that much of it, and neither did I experience the "smelly Venice" aspect, and even though I had so little money, I still loved it.  The memories have never left me.  Everything comes into perspective when viewed from the air, including the clustered city itself.  There is so much history to this elegant city, and after being captured by Napoleon's forces and the Veneto ceded to Austria, was it returned to Italy in 1866.  Of course the waterways are famous, as are the bridges, and this book includes other areas like Burano (lace-making) and Murano (blown glass).  You can read about the history of this city and learn that it is built on an archipelago of 188 islands; it's crossed by 150 canals, and connected by 400 bridges.  It's a wonderful place to explore on foot, but seeing these arial photos of the city, puts it more into perspective.  (see pages 32-34).  You'll see how jam-packed these islands are, with homes, courtyards, palaces, and cathedrals.  We're also treated to the nearby countryside which is home to vineyards and The Dolomites (mountains), the sea farms, farmlands, and nearby cities and towns, Verona being one of them.  If this city is sinking so fast, get yeself there, pronto!
Conclusion - So beautiful it's staggering.

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