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Weddings - Ideas & Inspirations for Celebrating in Style by Marie Proeller Hueston Books in Review
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Wedding - Ideas & Inspirations for Celebrating in Style
by Marie Proeller Hueston
Hearst Books
ISBN 978-1-58816-745-3
Published January 2010 - Hardcover - 144 pages - $19.95

If ever you've thought of having a country wedding, this lovely and inspirational book by lifestyle writer Marie Proeller Hueston will be an enormous help to your planning.  Whether "country" means your own backyard or a vineyard or atop a mountain, you can make it your own sublime celebration of marriage.  Above all, it's the romance or history or personal connection to the place that's important.  Even a friend's backyard (space permitting) could work wonders, a country inn or country club, or the inside of a home are possibilities.  Marie talks about having a wedding in a tent, or in a historical home, about your wedding stationery and program, flowers and table settings, what you'd like to make yourself (centerpieces, gifts, invitations, etc.), parting gifts and so much more.  Who knew there were so many aspects to consider and decisions to come to?  The list seems endless which is why a wedding planner often sounds like a great idea.  Don't forget the something old, something new aspect.  So much to choose from.  Flowers are a huge consideration to one's wedding, and I liked Marie's suggestions about what to do with them afterwards.  A wedding web site is a wonderful idea as it could eliminate so much paper, postage and phone calls.  Guests need only check your web site for updates and details.  (I can help you if you want a web site.)  Don't forget the marriage license!  My favorite settings in this book are on pages 36 and 49.  I particularly liked the Green Tips scattered about the book, as I hate waste and appreciate Nature too much.
Conclusion - Good, practical and very useful ideas to consider.

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