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Window Style
Better Homes and Gardens (Meredith Books)
ISBN 0-696-21396-6
Published October 2002 - Hardcover - 160 pages - $29.95

This is a much more upscale "window" book than the other one I reviewed from BHG, (see Window Basics).  Window Style lives up to it's name as I found it to be full of style.  The sophisticated and elegantly decorated rooms lend themselves appropriately to the beautiful finishing touches.  Be it a lounge or a kitchen window, they've all been tackled with equisite taste.  They've covered just about everything from drapes to blinds, big and small windows, and high and low ceilings.  Though not really a fan of the color orange myself, I did enjoy the coziness of the room on page 125 and the peaceful living room on pages 12/13.  I loved the simple elegance on page 29 and the homeliness of the room on pages 128/129.  I also like the serene stillness of the bedroom on page 47.  This book is a useful decorating aide as you can not only get ideas for your windows, but there are also gorgeous decorating tips to be gleaned from any or all rooms they've presented.  My favorite dining area is on page 108.
Conclusion - A stunning array of gorgeous window treatments and rooms.  Very inspiring.


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