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Home Sense - Simple Solutions to Enhance Where and How You Live
by Eduardo Xol
ISBN 0-06-124976-9
Published April 2007 - Softcover - 208 pages - $24.95

I do like Eduardo's taste, from what I've seen of it on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  In this book of his, he tackles problems many people have: "A small bathroom, cramped closet, cluttered bedroom, or stark-white kitchen (I like stark-white kitchens - they're so versatile!), and he covers Color; The Bedroom; Storage and Display; The Bathroom; Lighting; The Kitchen; The Home Office; The Dining Room; Design for Entertaining; The Living Room; Seating Areas, and Indoor/Outdoor.  I do admire people with the courage to go for color - I'm too much of a ninny.  And best of all, Eduardo's small changes won't break your bank - they're easy and you can do them.  Eduardo goes through a whole range of colors which I found very informative.  I know there shouldn't be fear of color - it can just as easily be painted over!  Simple solution.  I found the designs in this book to be predominantly "masculine" visually, but nevertheless a great stepping stone to new designs and changes.  Nothing that couldn't be "girlie-upped."  Rooms I adored are on the "My Philosophy" page and again on pages 188/189 (a great sun room); pages 14/15 (I love the idea of niches in the wall - I'd use them to house my books); page 62 (love that shower); page 112 (love the windows in this kitchen); page 137 (kitchen/dining room); pages 168/169 (usually I don't like "busy", but this room is classy and inviting, and ditto for the room on page 175.)  Do watch Eduardo when he's on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on ABC for an idea of his work.
Conclusion - Infinitely inspirational without ever being overdone.

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