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Can You Help Me Help Others?
My dream is to raise funds for women and children who flee abusive homes, to help feed the hungry, and help animal charities do their wonderful work.
      I am a published author (have yet to earn any royalties!) and wish to devote my career to writing more books with the intention of donating a portion of the proceeds to worthy causes.  With my resources the way they are, I cannot afford to get these projects off the ground.

I am looking for:
      * a publisher who would like to get involved with publishing my books,
      * a sponsor to help with the pre-production costs,
      * charitable contributions from the public to help get this "company" off the ground.
        (Receipts for tax purposes will be e-mailed to you.)

      I know that there have been many scams out there, where people solicit money/aid from the public, but I wish to assure you that my intentions are honorable.  You will be able to watch the growth of my projects via a web page I shall set up.  I have not been able to find a job and am getting frustrated because I want to work and need to provide for myself.  Being able to do what I can to help others is surely not too much to ask the universe for help with, is it?
      My ultimate goal is to help others.  But, I need help getting going.
If you would like to help me get started, I would love to hear from you.  If you are a publisher and wish to get involved, please click here for more information on the books I wish to use as fundraising tools.
Thank you for visiting this page.  Adrienne
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If you would like to make a donation to help get this charity drive off the ground,
please use the PayPal button below.  Thank you kindly.   


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