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      Would you like to help me help others who aren't fortunate enough to enjoy a meal every day?
You can, by donating your favorite tried-and-tested recipe to help compile a cookbook to raise funds to help feed people, especially children, who cannot afford to eat properly.

I was so tired of not being able to find employment, and I wanted to work for myself, so publishing books to use as tools to raise funds for a diverse list of charities is my way of solving my unemployment problem, and, the best thing of all, to be in a position to help others.

But, I can't do it myself, so I wanted to invite you and your friends (we, the people), who might also be thinking of a way to help others, to join me.  It won't cost you anything.

I do not have a publisher for this project yet but I will post the name of the publisher when I sign up with one.
Should you have any questions about this project, please contact me.
All recipes should be your own, not from a book.

When e-mailing your recipe, please indicate that you understand that you will not receive payment for your recipe donation, nor any royalties from the sale of this book.  Please include your name and address (addresses won't be published) with your recipe donation.
Thank you very kindly. 

Any and all recipes will be considered for inclusion - Appetizers - Soups - Salads - Sandwiches - Egg Dishes - Breads - Pastas - Fish - Poultry - Meat - Ethnic Dishes - Vegetables - Sauces - Desserts.

Send as many recipes as you like for consideration.

Please copy and paste this URL in your next e-mails to family and friends (we, the people) who might also like to be a part of this cookbook project.

We cannot guarantee that each and every recipe submitted will be included, but they may be held over for a second edition.

E-mail your recipes to:   cooksunite@yahoo.com
and/or  pettprojects@yahoo.com - Subject: Cookbook.

Queries from Publishers and Advertisers are welcome.

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