Pet Photography
Informal and inexpensive at-your-home pet photography
for people whose pets mean the world to them.

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Pet Photography
I am an accomplished amateur
photographer with a
self-published book of
my wildlife photographs
entitled Backyard Snapshots.
I love photographing animals
and am expanding to include
pets in their natural habitats.

Enjoy your pets for always with
these treasured photos taken at
your own home.  Send copies
to family members who are away
from home at college or abroad
in the military.

Adrienne Petterson

These pictures are some of the lovely pets I've photographed and who I've come to know as "friends".  Some have left us and the rest are still with us.  With their photos, their memories are with you forever.

I try not to take photos indoors as I prefer not to use a flash.  Therefore you should have a garden or access to a safe dog park where your dog can run free.  My rates are for up to two pets (i.e. two dogs or cats, or a dog and a cat -- cats don't have to go to the dog park!).  Your animals must be friendly.  If I feel at all in any danger, I shall cancel our appointment and politely leave.

"Pets" is not limited to cats and dogs.  As you can see on my wildlife and zoo web pages, I also photograph horses and goats, birds, foxes, bugs, and just about anything else!

For the full price of $110.00
I will photograph your
pet/s at your home
for about 1.5 hours,
and you'll get all
useable photos on a
CD or DVD to do
with as you please.

Plus you'll get one
8x10 matted enlargement,
four wallet-size prints,
and a signed copy
of my book!
(This applies to local (Colorado) orders.)

Additional prints may be ordered— e-mail for a quote or see below for options.
You may share an order with a friend ($65.00 each for two pets) for the same appointment.

For out-of-state shoots and if you can round up 10 friends at $220.00 each, I will photograph pet/s in the comfort of their own homes for about two hours each, and they'll get all the photos on a CD or DVD to do with as they please!  Plus, your photo shoot will be FREE for rounding up the 10!
I will also donate a portion to animal charities.
(This applies to all states except HI and AK and includes travel.)

I am based around the Colorado Springs area in Colorado,
but will travel if suitably compensated.

Options: Additional prints may be ordered:
Wallet-size photos (4) $4.00
4x6 print at $1.00 each
5x7 print at $6.00 each
8 x 10 print at $10.00 each
8x10 Collage (approx. 10 pictures) at $15.00
Matted 5x7 at $12.00
Matted 8x10 at $20.00
Matted collage 8x10 at $22.00
Mousepad at $15
Set of 5 greeting cards of your pet for $12.00

E-mail us with your requirements or questions at

Backyard Snapshots Books
$5.99 each!


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