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We have compiled a "Celebrity"-style crossword book featuring familiar names.  See if you can spot your favorite film star, sports star, author, or anyone else whose name made it into the headlines.  Are you good at recalling the past, or who starred in which film, or who wrote what?  Can you remember who did what?  These 48 crossword puzzles should keep you busy for hours.  Try our sample crosswords (sample two or sample three or sample four) - just print them out and have fun!  (Samples change from time to time.)
See Readers' Comments below.


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Forty-eight celebrity crosswords to keep you guessing and racking your brain!

Perfect for that upcoming trip, or those long winter nights!

They make great gifts -- NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES!

For Credit Card payments (for the U.S.A. and Canada), click below:

$6.95 per book (includes shipping & handling for U.S. and Canada orders)
Overseas orders add $2.00 postage
All check and money order payments MUST be in U.S. currency.

Readers' Comments...
"This crossword puzzle book was just what I was looking for.  It is very fun to do."
L.J., South Carolina

"I am a big entertainment trivia junkie, so I am really enjoying the Celebrity Crossword Puzzles.  I think they're lots of fun!"
M.M., CT

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