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Before I Got Here - The Wondrous Things We Hear When We Listen to the Souls of Our Children
by Blair Underwood
Atria Books
ISBN 0-7432-7149-1
Published October 2005 - Hardcover - 178 pages - $18.95

I first heard about this book when Sylvia Browne mentioned it on the Montel Williams Show.  She's done so on more than one occasion so I thought I would see for myself.  This is a collection of conversations and stories from children around the world, gathered on the Website.  Blair Underwood's inspiration is his own children and in his introduction he eloquently says, "There is a continuum of our life force that inherently remembers thought, sights, and sounds of a previous existence..."before we got here".  He repeats what his son uttered: "God told me, when he made me, but I only had one ear at the time, so I could only hear a little".  This from a four year old!  Sylvia Browne is always saying that we should listen to what little children say as they see and hear much more than we can imagine.  These delightful anecdotes and observations by little kids is enchanting and made me smile many times.  I loved the ones about being "Steven colored" and the helicopter one.  Charming.  The book is illustrated with pictures of children.  The more I live and am aware of things like déjà vu, the more I tend to listen and appreciate people like Sylvia Browne and Blair Underwood.  It all makes so much sense.  Even though I don't have children, I'm always listening (but not interpeting) to what little kids say to me, and I laughingly relate it to friends.  Some are hysterical and some are thought-provoking.  I'm going to listen even harder now.
Conclusion - I think everyone should have this book in their home.  It's one you can pick up and read when you need to be uplifted.  Part of the proceeds go to charity.

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