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A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend
by Felicity Huffman & Patricia Wolff
ISBN 1-4013-0291-2
Published January 2007 - Hardcover - 276 pages - $22.95

I doubt we'll ever fully understand the sexes, and new "theories" come up all the time.  Actress Felicity Huffman and friend Patricia Wolff have come up with their take on the whole boyfriend/girlfriend debacle.  From first date and your place or mine, and much more, they take us through many familiar scenarios in trying to comprehend what the heck is going on in each others' minds.  The minds of females and males that is.  So often they can be looking at the very same thing yet see very different things.  Their book is "designed to help men everywhere navigate life as a boyfriend".  They offer to help guys understand what it is we women mean when we say certain things.  Funny, I usually say what I mean - it saves time and eliminates ambiguity and confusion.  Why play games in the first place?  The authors cover online dating, first dates, talking on the phone, and the age-old question, "Do I look fat?"  I loved some of the "Be Prepared" tips.  This book is tongue-in-cheek with a little seriousness sprinkled here and there.  I have to say, it would seem as though this book is for the very young (early 20s) male or the very inept and not-very-perceptive male.  It has a gratuitious coarseness to it.  I'm hoping women won't have to give this book to their boyfriends and that it's the men out there who'll buy it for themselves.  I wouldn't hold out much hope for the relationship if it's the former.
Conclusion - Would make a fun gift for your single brother, cousin, or colleague at work.

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