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America's Dumbest Criminals
by Daniel Butler, Alan Ray, and Leland Gregory
Rutledge Hill Press
ISBN 1-55853-372-9
Published October 1995 - Softcover - 235 pages

A great little fun read to cheer you up.  I couldn't believe just how dumb some people can be, or how desperate perhaps.  I rather think it's just plain stupidity.  Like the woman who altered her $5,000 winning lottery ticket so that she'd win the $20.00 prize.  She didn't look carefully enough.  Or the guys who stole a pickup to use as their getaway car, only to be seen and followed on foot by the pickup's owner.  He watched and waited and promptly "stole" his car back, leaving the bank robbers stranded.  Or the drunk who robs a cab driver at gun point after being dropped off at his house, turns and stumbles inside, and falls asleep on the sofa.  This little gem will keep you amused for hours.  Great for reading a snippet here and there and would be an ideal addition to the reading list in the little room, and even though it's nearly ten years old, it is still funny.  Stupidity doesn't really date.
Conclusion - This would make a great gift. BookBrowser

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