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Los Angeles - A Pictorial Celebration by Jon & Nancy Wilkman Books in Review
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Los Angeles - A Pictorial Celebration
by Jon & Nancy Wilkman
ISBN 1-4027-5036-6
Published June 2008 - Hardcover - 160 pages - $14.95

If you're planning a trip to Los Angeles and you'll have some time to sightsee, then I suggest you read this book for inspiration.  It's full of gorgeous photos of places and buildings and parks, all places you can see for yourself.  I've been to LA a few times but never seemed to have much spare time (or spare money) to see as much as I'd like to have.  This book offers brief texts on places such as Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Rose Bowl, the Hollywood sign, Disneyland, and Echo Park, all well-known in themselves, and traditionally places of interest.  Then there are homes, the beaches, buildings, and some wonderful museums to choose from.  Of course, Los Angeles is the film capital of the world, so a lot of what's to be seen in this city, has been filmed for movies or television or written about.  I enjoyed the little bit of history of this area, which one tends to forget about much of the time.  There is of course an abundance of nature in and around the city (mostly "around" the city) which tends to also get overlooked by tourists.  I have to visit the Botanical Gardens next time.  I know now what I'd really like to actually see when and if I get to LA again.  There are other books in this series, namely Boston, Hawaii, and New York among others.  Also see my reviews on San Francisco, Vancouver, Las Vegas, and Chicago in this series.
Conclusion - A fabulous book at a bargain price.

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