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Skywriting - A Life Out of the Blue
by Jane Pauley
Random House
ISBN 1-4000-6192-X
Published August 2004 - Hardcover - 267 pages - $25.95

From a young age Jane Pauley seemed to have it all.  To some extent she did.  About thirty years down the line she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder which was medically induced by treatment for hives.  She'd moved from Chicago, where she was the youngest female to anchor a weekday newscast, to New York and the Today Show with Tom Brokaw, where she stayed for over twenty years.  More recently, she debuted her Jane Pauley Show on NBC.  Pauley writes seemingly effortlessly and takes us back to Indiana where she was born, and her grandparents' lives in the midwest.  Depression was evident on both sides of the family, including both her parents, most noteably of which was in her father, which she sensed at an early age but didn't understand it.  Something was just different.  Pauley takes us on a ride that is her career, from Chicago to New York, the media's feelings about a woman anchoring the news, her taking over Barbara Walters' spot on Today (and who else was considered), discovering her father's secret drinking, her marriage, and her miscarriages.  She doesn't delve too deeply into her personal life (or professional, for that matter) and kind of skips along.  It took a while to get to her own depression and her hives but no big revelation as it turned out.  I suffer from depression and know what it is like - she barely touches on hers.  Not nearly enough was written about her bipolar or the treatment thereof.
Conclusion - I found this book to be a bit self-congratulatory.

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