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We've Got It Made In America - A Common Man's Salute to an Uncommon Country
by John Ratzenberger and Joel Engel
Center Street
ISBN 1-931722-84-6
Published October 2006 - Hardcover - 259 pages - $23.99

We all remember Cliff Clavin from Cheers, right?  John Ratzenberger, alias Cliff, is a patriotic and concerned citizen, much like many Americans.  In his book he looks at many aspects of American life and tells his side of the story.  For example, he looks at industry in this country, from mom and pop stores to huge corporations laying off workers and contracting overseas and what this does to America.  He talks about the "Hollywood" types who don't know as much as they think they know.  About the disparity among politcal poles.  The American way of life.  About television and Woodstock.  His keen observations and life experiences hark back to a different era, one many baby boomers can relate to.  Not so miuch critcial as observant, Mr. Ratzenberger opens closed ears and eyes to where we've gone wrong in society.  He writes about WWII, the Iraq war, and about animal testing, among other subjects.  Much of this book stems from his television program, John Ratzenberger's Made in America (Travel Channel), and is in the form of essays.  (I had to chuckle at the irony of things - he goes off about Paul McCartney and animal rights and then he finds himself on the dance floor with Sir Paul's ex-wife.)  And finally, yes Mr. Ratzenberger, I too believe there's a lack of common sense, so much so that I've written a book about it.  Visit John's website for more information about this man.
Conclusion - Illuminating and food for thought.

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