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Schmucks! - Our Favorite Fakes, Frauds, Lowlifes, Liars, The Armed and Dangerous, and Good Guys Gone Bad
by Jackie Mason and Raoul Felder
ISBN 0-06-112612-3
Published March 2007 - Hardcover - 210 pages - $25.95

Wow, this book gets off to a start with a bang!  Now, I wouldn't have thought referring to someone as a schmuck was that bad, but when you call them a schmuck, I'd have thought that wasn't very nice.  But hey, this book works for me.  Authors Jackie Mason and Raoul Felder (celebrity divorce lawyer) have put together a commentary of "fakes, frauds, idiots, lowlifes, and good guys gone bad," people they feel are schmucks, and they don't hold back.  No one is safe.  First off the bat is Tom Cruise, and boy, do they spell it out.  In true comedic fashion, they go about rehashing old news stories and point out why these schmucks are schmucks.  They talk about Madonna and her kabbalah, they describe Monica Lewinsky as a "schlumpy yenta in a beret" (which I though was brilliant), and they call out the "Rich Schmucks," the "Dumb Schmucks," and the "Dead Schmucks" among others.  I see their point about most of whom they write, and often I totally agree, but I'd never have the 'nads to call them schmucks in print.  I loved the ones on Howard Schultz (under Rich Schmucks) and The Restaurant Critics to name only two.  We are warned!  The inside cover flap says, "This book spares no one."  Visit Jackie Mason's website.
Conclusion - Hysterically funny.  Often life is, but we need people like Jackie Mason for us to see the funny side.

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