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Homesick - A Memoir
by Sela Ward
Regan Books/HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN 0-06-039436-6
Published October 2002 - Hardcover - 257 pages - $24.95

Being brought up in the South (Meridian, Mississippi), instilled in a young Sela Ward, a mixture of emotions.  "This culture of honor and chivalry, which defines Southern society and gives it so much of its decency and beauty, has a dark side, and that is shame," say Sela.  In my opinion, a great thing about the South in those days (perhaps a little less so now) is that having good manners was considered a reflection of how you were brought up.  Insecurity and shyness plagued Sela as a girl but upon leaving home and driving solo to the University of Alabama, her new life dawned.  There she could unleash her passion for art and grow as a person.  From there she broadened her horizons and moved to New York City, and instantly fitting in, found work as a model.  Feeling the bite of the acting bug she went west to Los Angeles and after a few years of movies and television shows, met her husband-to-be, Howard Sherman.  Her yearning for home never left her and she and Howard bought some land in Meridian and built a modest home they could use for vacations.  Reconnecting with her family was also very important and upon having two children of their own, they were able to all be together as well as trying to give her offspring a little of what she had as a kid.
Conclusion - Fairly innocuous but readable.

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