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Shattered Love- A Memoir
by Richard Chamberlain
Regan Books
ISBN 0-06-008743-9
Published June 2003 - Hardcover - 247 pages

A rather surprising "memoir" by this television icon.  Not so much about his career but more a spiritual look at life from his point-of-view.  This is not a catalog of Hollywood gossip.  In fact, there isn't any.  It is more a philosophical outlook reflecting his deep-thinking and spiritual awareness developed over a lifetime.  He does tell about how he lived his life hiding his fears and his true self and how he coped.  The book is a little disjointed here and there and a little sketchy on the family aspect, but then perhaps, that's all we need to know and he does elaborate a little towards the end, thankfully.  Don't expect detailed accounts of the goings-on on the TV series "Dr. Kildare" and "The Thorn Birds" because he glossed over these.  He shares his delight in finding love in everything and how it's all about God, love and forgiveness.
Conclusion - If you're looking for some encouragement in your life then perhaps this might interest you. BookBrowser

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