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Entertaining at the White House with Nancy Reagan
by Peter Schifiando with J. Jonathan Joseph
William Morrow
ISBN 0-06-135012-5
Published November 2007 - Hardcover - 223 pages - $49.95

Essentially I'm not averse to a party, even a state party, but when I think of the zillions of dollars spent on these lavish ego boosters, my blood boils.  As beautiful as this book is, it also conveys the enormous amount of money spent on feeding and entertaining guests, as well as decorating the facilities.  I quite enjoyed reading about the history of the early entertaining, and the pictures illustrate the fashions of the time.  You'll also learn about protocol and etiquette for when you next attent a function at the White House.  There are menus from other administrations as well as President Reagan's, pictures of many dinner plates, table settings, and the various Christmas trees which I also found interesting.  I liked the invitations and the photographs of the incredible list of guests through the years.  It was fun to see all the ladies' fashions - very elegant and sophisticated.
What shocked me was the huge amount of spelling mistakes.  For example, on page XV, first and second lines - waived instead of waved - unforgivable!
Six lines down on the same page, "the" or "an" was left out ... "have had opportunity"!
On page 58 in the "Above" caption - insure instead of ensure, and again on page 131 (left column, 12 lines from the bottom).
On page 135 the incorrectly spelled "Kennnedy" ("Bottom far and near left" caption).
On page 153 ("Overleaf" caption) - egg roll instead of Egg Roll.
Conclusion - A book this price should be flawless!  A nice coffee table book though.

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