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I am having problems with PayPal orders, so if you're interested in buying cards, please email me at pettprojects@yahoo.com Thanks!

Wildlife Photos
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My wildlife greeting cards
convey the beauty of Nature,
in all her glory.
I have photos of bugs,
flowers, birds, animals,
sunrises and sunsets,
frogs and more.  Please visit
my wildlife pages for inspiration.

All cards are blank for your own
personal messages and come with
an envelope and a plastic sleeve
for protection.
Packs of 5 and 10 cards make wonderful gifts.

Suitable for All Ages!
Prices include s&h to USA

nature photo greeting cards
My cards are real photographs on card stock, NOT computer printouts.
  Visit often as the selection changes all the time.
Prices: $3.75 each (includes s&h to U.S.A. destinations)
Order using your credit card safely and securely through PayPal.

100 Cards for $215 shipped to USA!
(Random selection of cards.)
or 50 Cards for $120 shipped to USA
(Random selection of cards.)
5 Cards for $18.00 shipped to USA addresses!

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Card W4
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Card W8
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Not So "Wild"

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Card W44
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Card W48
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Sets of 5 Cards for $15.00 shipped to USA addresses.

You will not necessarily receive the photos shown above, so if you want these particular pictures, let me know!

You can order 100 cards for $215.00 with FREE SHIPPING to a USA address!  You'll receive a random selection of 100 cards which will include flowers, insects, animals, birds, frogs, herons, sunsets, etc.  If you would like multiples of any particular card/s, please e-mail me with your request.  As bundles of five and ten, these cards make wonderful presents, hostess gifts, thank-you gifts and the like.  They can even be used in scrapbooking projects.  Suitable for all ages!


Or you can order 50 cards for $120.00 with FREE SHIPPING to a USA address!


Or visit me at Fine Art America  or Image Kind or Zazzle.com.

I have Birds, Bugs, Dragonflies, Ducks, Flowers, Geese, Great Blue Herons, and General from which to choose.
You can also order many pictures from my wildlife web pages,
but be sure to e-mail me your requests ahead of time as not all photos are available,
and note that special requests can take about two weeks to get to you.

Christmas Cards available!

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E-mail:  pettprojects@yahoo.com

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