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Is Christianity Good for the World? - A Debate by Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson Books in Review
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Is Christianity Good for the World? - A Debate
by Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson
ISBN 978-1-59128-053-8
Published September 2008 - Hardcover - 67 pages - $12.00

I'm so tired of "religion".  I'm so tired of the hypocrisy that stems from "religion".  I'm so tired of the constant (since the year dot) fighting in the name of "religion".  All religions profess to be about love and peace.  Yeah, right.  I believe in being a good, honest, respectful person whether or not you believe in a higher being.  This book is a debate between an atheist (Hitchens) and a devout Christian (Wilson).  I loved this from Jonah Goldberg's Foreword: "...both men certainly agree that atheism doesn't require evil any more than faith alone bequeaths goodness."  The debate starts off in a relatively respectful manner, but soon enough, the Christian starts flinging dirt.  Wilson says, "If Christianity is bad for the world, atheists can't consistently point this out, having no fixed way of defining "bad"."  I have to disagree.  Atheists do know good from bad and right from wrong, whether or not they were brought up as atheists or Christians.  We’ve evolved enough by now to know this.  We all know this.  It's that simple.  We know the Bible was written by men and is not accurate, otherwise why are there so many religious interpretations?  Why does there always seem to be so many clarifications of what particular words or phrases mean?  Too many excuses, in my opinion, to make the Bible conveniently say whatever the person wants it to say.  Also, to me, the idea of giving up so much of one's hard-earned money to a church is a waste and a mistake.  Rather spend it wisely on doing good yourself and stop letting bullies pressure you into forking over your money under the guise of your never having to go to Hell.  This is not something they can guarantee.  If you believe in a higher being, fine, if not, fine.  Just always be a good person.  God will be happy with you.  You don't have to threaten anyone in the name of "religion".  This book shows that it's perfectly fine to agree to disagree and that there has to be more than one way.  Oh, one does not have to have religion to have morals and ethics – just look at so many people in the religious sector who are in trouble for lack of morals and ethics!!!  One's conscience (wherever it comes from), takes care of everything you do.
Conclusion - I'll have to read this again - such highfalutin language made it difficult to concentrate and absorb.

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