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A More Beautiful You - Reverse Aging Through Skin Care, Plastic Surgery, and Lifestyle Solutions by Robert M. Freund, MD, FACS Books in Review
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A More Beautiful You - Reverse Aging Through Skin Care, Plastic Surgery, and Lifestyle Solutions
by Robert M. Freund, MD, FACS
ISBN 978-1-4027-5628-3
Published January 2010 - Hardcover - 260 pages - $19.95

In his book Dr. Freund discusses his role as a plastic surgeon and how we can go about improving our appearances (I don't like the description of "a more beautiful you" as defining a beautiful woman is nearly impossible) which have perhaps deteriorated (or perhaps just relaxed) due to age and atmosphere.  We all know that beauty comes from within (so does good health), so why aren't we being taught to eat and exercise properly instead of living in excess and running to the surgeon for some corrections?  We need to teach young people that inner qualities are much more lasting attributes than a pretty face.  Resorting to plastic surgery, particularly if you've not done your homework on your chosen surgeon, has the potential to banktrupt you financially as well as emotionally as you'll never be satisfied, and a face-lift is not a one-off thing— years down the line the aging will win the ultimate battle and you'll need round two or even round three.  Essentially I like what Dr. Freund talks about—important and essential chapters in my opinion are 2, 3, and 4.  I'm not convinced we need to know so much about cosmetic surgery because it's not life-saving (obviously reconstructive cosmetic surgery is and can be life-saving, but we're not talking about this aspect of plastic surgery).  It's an indulgence.  Dr. Freund points out the good and bad things not only about cosmetic surgery in general (how we're fooled by clever marketing and packaging of stars and cosmetics) but also about many procedures many people elect to undergo in a plastic surgeon's office or operating room.  Not only does the doctor talk about the face, he discusses the neck, nose, ears, eyes, lips, chin, cheeks, and teeth—areas where many of us feel could use some tweaking.  If we follow "The Ideals of Facial Beauty", we'd all need cosmetic surgery because so few match up.  It's silly.  Should you be one of those unsatisfied people who want to change their appearance, do read this book as it's full of good advice when selecting a surgeon and pinpointing your inconsistencies.  Sometimes a little eye-lift can do wonders for one's morale.  You're taken through most procedures, told what to look for and what to expect from whichever procedure you elect to have, and how the procedures are done.  There is a nice selection of before and after surgery photos to see how subtle or dramatic the changes can be.  Dr. Freund also talks about healthy eating and caring for our bodies and skin.  We age.  We all age.  Accept it, look after your skin, and forget about changing what nature gave you unless you can't breathe or see. 
Conclusion - There are many pretty women, and very few naturally beautiful ones.  Be happy with being pretty and/or who you are.  Learn to use make-up well.  Looks are not everything.

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