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And One More Thing Before You Go
by Maria Shriver
Free Press
ISBN 0-7432-8101-2
Published April 2005 - Hardcover - 62 pages - $13.95

With so many young ladies going off to college, and leaving the familiarity of home life behind, Ms. Shriver has published a little something to help ease the transition from school girl to college student.  This book is based on a speech she gave to a few graduating daughters of friends.  We all know the feelings of panic and uncertainty we have when changes occur, and going off to college (basically leaving home) is a classic example.  You're faced with all sorts of things either mom or dad took care of.  This book is about facing your fears - some are more frightened of their fears than others, hence panic and anxiety attacks, while others simply take it all in their stride - the more you face, the stronger you become.  Ms. Shriver's little book is written in such a way that anyone going through or planning a change in their lives will benefit from her insights.  My advice?  By all means make plans for your future but don't set them in stone.  Give life and fate a chance and be flexible to the many changes that may shatter your plans and help shape your life.
See my review of Ms. Shriver's other little book, Just Who Will You Be?
Conclusion - These are comforting words and the book would make a great going away/leaving home gift to a daughter, niece, cousin, or any young lady leaving home.

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