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60 Years of Wisdom and Wit by Andrew A. Rooney Books in Review
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60 Years of Wisdom and Wit
by Andrew A. Rooney
Public Affairs
ISBN 978-1-58648-773-7
Published October 2009 - Hardcover - 288 pages - $26.95

This is one of those books whose words sound like a narrative because that's how I think of its author.  I've heard Andy Rooney's voice often enough to recognize it in my head and from reading his words.  I read his story about his life at college (as a student, as a football player, and as a young draftee into WW2), but in my head I could hear his voice telling me the story.  I didn't find it strange; it was rather comforting and familiar.  I enjoyed reading about his job at the Stars & Stripes in London with The Times in Fleet Street as I also worked in Fleet Street, but not during WW2.  This book is a collection of a lot of Mr. Rooney's stories, from food to chairs, gunners in fighter planes, being a good journalist, etc., and all told in own distinctive way.  He basically turns anything he sees into a story to entertain us, and the topics are invariably ones we're familiar with or have at least come across ourselves.  More often than not they're everyday items, like his clothing, New York City, honesty, bits about himself, travel, quality, you name it and he talks about it.  I loved his "The Andy Rooney Upside-Down Diet" — a good laugh.  His book is a lovely collection of essays about life — something we can all relate to.  I also loved #17 in his list of opinions, and #48 is superb.
Conclusion - Great for a laugh and to get to know Mr. Rooney better.  His words will make you sit up and take notice of what's around you.

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