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Prophecy - What the Future Holds for You
by Sylvia Browne with Lindsay Harrison
ISBN 0-525-94822-8
Published July 2004 - Hardcover - 269 pages - $23.95

Syliva Browne is known for speaking her mind and I so enjoy her appearances on the Montel Williams Show.  For so long I've strongly believed "these people" were put on earth to help us yet nearly always they're rejected and ridiculed.  In this, her eighth book, Ms. Browne discusses past prophets and what a prophet is.  It's all good and well listening to someone rattle off things they can see, hear, and foretell, but it's harder to be discerning.  There has to be an explanation as to how some people can tell you things about yourself that they couldn't possibly have known, and the same goes for those who can see into the future.  I believe they're here to warn us so we can help ourselves - like Nostradamus, of whom she writes.  She also gives us some information on other famous "prophets" such as Edgar Cayce and Madame Helena Blavatsky.  Her insights into ancient civilizations are fascinating.  Ms. Browne's own prophecies on religion, the future in political, geographical, criminal, technological, and educational terms are eye-opening.   I especially wish her education chapter would come into effect immediately.  Ms. Browne dishes out a few of her own prophecies and the one I thought should have happened years ago, is that the senate, in the vicinity of 2020, will vote into law that any male pedophile found guilty of sexual contact or molestation of a child, by virtue of a "DNA and/or any other concrete, irrefutable evidence", will be either chemically or surgically castrated as part of his sentence.  Female pedophiles will undergo "chemically induced hormonal "neurtering"".  Why wait so long I have to ask!  I was particularly encouraged by her medical section - what a lot of great things we have to look forward to.  Sylvia, one question.  Will I soon find my feet and stand alone in this world and if yes, where in the USA will I settle?  Visit Sylvia Browne at her website for more information.
Conclusion - I find these books fascinating and take notice of their predictions and "warnings".  This book was no exception.

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