Cover picture taken from her book Exploring the Levels of Creation
Books In Review
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Sylvia Browne's books I have reviewed:

Afterlives of the Rich and Famous (2/11) Psychic - My Life in Two Worlds (5/10)
The Truth About Psychics (12/09) Accepting the Psychic Torch (10/09) Psychic Healing - Using the Tools
of a Medium to Cure Whatever Ails You
All Pets Go To Heaven (1/09) Mystical Traveler (9/08) End of Days (6/08)
Temples on the Other Side (1/08) The Two Marys (11/07) Secret Societies (9/07)
Psychic Children (7/07) Spirit of Animals (4/07) Spiritual Connections (3/07)
The Mystical Life of Jesus (11/06) Exploring the Levels of Creation (9/06) Light a Candle (2/06)
If You Could See What I See (1/06) Phenomenon - Everything You Need
to Know About the Paranormal
Animals on the Other Side (04/05)
Secrets & Mysteries of the World (1/05) Insight (7/04) Prophecy (7/04)
Mother God (2/04) Visits from the Afterlife (10/03) Contacting Your Spirit Guide (1/03)
The Nature of Good and Evil (3/01) God, Creation, and Tools for Life (3/00) Adventures of a Psychic (8/98)

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