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Mother God - The Feminine Principle to Our Creator
by Sylvia Browne
Hay House, Inc.
ISBN 1-4019-0309-6
Published February 2004 - Hardcover - 166 pages - $14.95

If God does exist, is God a He or a She?  An age old question renown psychic Sylvia Browne discusses in this book.  She makes reference to the many women in many religions and the very real possibility that God, as we know Him, may very well have a female counterpart.  For many this is a difficult concept because we've been exposed to a Male energy or God for so long.  Still, the world keeps changing and new things are always being discovered, so why not entertain the possibility of a Mother God - after all, no one can conclusively say that God is male or female.  Sylvia gives ample examples that allude to goddesses throughout the ages which can (and are) easily be dismissed as hogwash.  I feel we should have open minds and be open to this possibility.  This book becomes confusing as there is so much information to take in.  Perhaps one way of absorbing her words is to read it in stages - I got quite overwhelmed with all the information that I lost track and had to go back more than a few times to better understand things.  I think it's worth trying to contact our Mother God as Sylvia suggests, and I have.  It's inspiring and offers one so much hope for life and happiness.  We may all get the shock of our lives (or deaths) when we eventually die and go to heaven and see who's there to meet us! Visit Sylvia Browne at her website at
Conclusion - Eye-opening and every illuminating.

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