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Mexicocina - The Spirit and Style of the Mexican Kitchen by Betsy McNair Books in Review
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Mexicocina - The Spirit and Style of the Mexican Kitchen
by Betsy McNair
Chronicle Books
ISBN 978-0-8118-4528-1
Published September 2006 - Softcover - 175 pages - $24.95

As I write this review, it's a bone-chilling 19 deg. F outside, with the wind cooling things down even more, and there could be nothing nicer than a plate (or bowl) of hot, spicy Mexican food right now.  I'll have to warm my tummy with thoughts of Mexican food as I page through this beautifully illustrated book of Mexican kitchens.  Wow, was I caught off guard!  No Mexican cuisine in case you thought this "cocina" meant food.  This book takes us across this vast country for a look at all manner of kitchens; those of private homes, of cooking schools, hotels, historical places, and more.  Not only are many of them full of modern gadgets, you can still enjoy the spectacularly colorful tiles and pottery in many kitchens.  I just love the festiveness of some of the tiles.  See pages 27 (top); 72/73; 86; 113 (top); 136, and 168 (top right).  And, I love and adore the ceramics (as well as the Italian ones) — see pages 56, 71, and 126 as examples.  Many of these kitchens have been remodelled and newly decorated to look "old," but nevertheless are very Mexican.  They're fun and inviting, and I noticed, there is a lot of yellow.  You can also see the kitchen of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera among others.  Do look at the ultra modern kitchens in chapter 11 — love the one on page 156!  The book does offer a few recipes.
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Conclusion - A glorious look at other kitchens — generally, ours pale into insignificance by comparison.

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