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The Nature of Good and Evil by Sylvia Browne Books in Review
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The Nature of Good and Evil
by Sylvia Browne
Hay House, Inc.
ISBN 1-56170-724-4
Published March 2001 - Softcover - 179 pages - $13.95

I'm slowly working my way through all of Sylvia Browne's books, and what I get out of them has made me really think about life in a whole new light.  Not only my own life (she's helped me enormously), but life on our planet, what we've done to it, what we can do to save ourselves, the whys and wherefores, Nature, the Other Side, and so much more.  What she's done is show us why things are as they are, with rational and clear explanations.
So to this book on good and evil.  It's not as clearcut as "right and wrong".  The first thing we're told is not to fear God as He's not about fear at all, but rather that He's all about love.  "In fact, fear is a powerful force that thrives on this planet, having found its home here.  It is nourished, it flourishes, and it's alive and well, usually existing in all of us.  But the adage, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself", is very true," says Sylvia.  Her two spirit guides, Francine and Raheim "speak" a lot in this book, using Sylvia to pass on what they have to say.  I loved what Raheim says, "Nothing deflects darkness better in your business and personal life than to walk away."  Here I thought I was being heartless when I turned my back and walked away from a couple of instances, and never looked back - it was the best thing I did in each instance and I have no regrets.  Who knew!  The other thing I loved about this book, is how much we don't know (or weren't told about as children - or as a society - out of fear?), is that there is a Mother God.  Makes so much sense if we're to believe that we, both sexes, were made in God's image.  We've also got to remember that "evil" only exists here, and that God is not vengeful or demanding - He gave us free choice, and look what we've done with it!
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Conclusion - If you want a "way to live your life", read this book.  It adequately, and acceptably, describes live on Earth.

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