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by Tori Spelling
Simon Spotlight Entertainment
ISBN 1-4169-5073-7
Published March 2008 - Hardcover - 276 pages - $24.95

Tori Spelling's family dynasty has been in the news for decades, whether it was her mother's extravagant parties or their unbelievably huge Beverly Hills house (I saw it back in 1989 and was flabbergasted at its vastness in such a small space) or her television role on Beverly Hills 90210 or her father's television career; there was always something for the tabloids to write and/or speculate about.  And as usual, they rarely got anything right.  The most recent fodder was the dispute with her mother, her second marriage, and the birth of her son.  Her book, which she wrote to dispell all the ghastly rumors about her and her family, starts off with the parties her parents threw for her as a child - usually completely over the top and outrageously "different."  Money being no object, and Tori not being any the wiser at such a young age, she just accepted it as being normal.  She candidly, and with a great sense of humor (and sometimes delicious sarcasm), talks about what it was like joining the 90210 cast as the producer's daughter, her abusive boyfriend, her insecurities, her engagement and subsequent first marriage, and her mother's horrendously controlling behavior.  No wonder there was a "fued."  She also clearly explains the breakup of her marriage and the new man in her life.  Finally, we know the truth, and she clears up the wrongs the press got when her dad died and about her mother's treatment of her daughter.  Tori's sense of humor, or more self-deprecation, probably comes from the years of tabloid bashing.  I'm glad she didn't turn nasty and vindictive.  Thanks for setting the record straight.
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Conclusion - Thoroughly enjoyable and a real page-turner.  Do read it.

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